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Purchasing a new shed can add much needed storage to your living space. Sheds can be made out of wood, plastic or metal. Each option comes with their own pros and cons. Wood sheds look the most traditional and are easy to paint any color. They are more expensive than other options. A plastic shed is easy to assemble and is generally maintenance free. However they may look like a playhouse and over time UV rays will break the sheds down. A metal shed is also a good option, but may take longer to assemble than a plastic shed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although using a shed can be a great way to add more needed space to a home, the decision on what shed to purchase can be confusing.
  • Of the three types of sheds, wooden, plastic and metal sheds, the wooden shed is the most traditional of them all.
  • It can be difficult to clean a wooden shed and this attracts insects and unwanted guests if the interior is unfinished.

“The paint finish on wooden sheds will also peel and fade over time and frequent wood treatment is needed to keep the building looking good and dry inside, also consider that the felt roofing will need to be replaced every few years.”

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