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As time goes by, a consistent and clean water source is becoming increasingly unpredictable. And while many of us think of our water supply as a local issue, it’s really a global concern. Home water use, including laundering clothes, bathing, and drinking, accounts for half of all of the public’s water use. Commercial, industrial, and agricultural water usage has declined over the years but is still of concern. Surprisingly, the biggest offender of home water consumption is taking showers. To save water at home, take shorter showers, choose cold water over hot, and don’t run dishwashers or washing machines until they are full. Create a Natural Landscape for your yard to save water.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the plants in your yard are not native to your local environment, keeping them alive makes more work for you.
  • Choose plants that will thrive naturally in your yard based on your soil, rainfall, and amount of sun and shade.
  • Learn about invasive species that tend to grow in your area and remove them as quickly as possible.

“When you engage the natural landscape, you reconnect to your region and your ecosystem, and create a piece of land that reflects its place.”

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