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Finding a place for an aging parent to live can be a challenge. A granny pod is a tiny home that you can put into your backyard elder cottages for your aging parent. These cottages are pre-fab homes that have a lot of medical equipment to make caring for your loved one easier. They come in multiple sizes allowing for different amounts of space for your parent. These cottages can be built on site depending on local zoning laws.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a new option for housing your elderly parents and its called a Grammy Pod. These pods were designed to be placed in your backyard.
  • These pods are medically equipped with everything your senior parents need such as handrails, defibrillators and first aid supplies.
  • The pods have fully functional kitchens along with a decent size bathroom, basically similar to a hotel suite. The drawback; it requires building approval and the pods are pricey.

“When it comes to finding a place for Mom and Dad to live out their golden years, the options used to be pretty slim.”

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