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While doing office work from home is common, there is one problem that many people have when they need to set up a home office: they don’t have the space. Instead of dealing with a less than ideal home office, you might want to consider building one in a shed. 

Choosing a Shed

Not all storage sheds are good for converting to livable space. If you are looking to turn a shed into an office, don’t buy a cheap kit to build something that isn’t much more than a metal box with a door. Instead, you want to find a shed that looks more like a house. This type of shed will be easier to convert into a comfortable, practical workspace.

If you have the option, look for one that is a good match for the exterior of your home. If not, you might want to consider painting it to match. Beyond that, you should consider getting a shed with at least one window. The natural light will make the environment more comfortable and you can also open the window to let in fresh air when the weather is nice.

Picking a Location

Your storage shed office is going to need to be placed on a foundation. That foundation can be gravel or concrete, but you want to look for an area that is not going to require a lot of effort to level. Furthermore, you should avoid putting the shed at the bottom of a slope or in a location where water may pool when it rains.

Another tip is to consider the proximity of the shed to your home. You are probably going to want to run electricity to the shed, so you don’t want it to be too far. The farther the shed is from the home, the more it will cost to run utilities. You also don’t want to be too far because you are going to have to go back to your house to use the bathroom. You may even want to consider laying a path from the house to the shed so you won’t have to walk across the lawn every time you go to the shed and back.

Turning it into an Office

Even if the shed looks nice on the outside, it is probably going to need some work on the interior to turn it into a nice work environment. You will need to hang drywall and paint the walls. If you are running electricity to the shed, you will want to run the wiring before you hang the drywall. 

Most of these sheds will have a plywood floor. This will leave you with a lot of options for flooring. If you are looking for something that is inexpensive and durable, a tile floor can be a great option for a home office. 

Finishing Your Shed Office

Once you have the walls finished and painted and the floors done, you can start setting up your office. You will obviously need a desk to work at, and you might want to consider storage solutions like filing cabinets and shelves. Beyond that, add decorations and maybe some houseplants to make the area a little more pleasant for the time you spend working out there.

You should also consider landscaping around your shed. Instead of just having your office shed sitting in the yard, try to integrate the structure with the existing landscape. You could also consider putting some shrubs or flowerbeds around the shed to make it look more attractive.

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