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buy a new garden storage shedYour shed doesn’t have to just be an outdoor storage space with a bland interior. Many homeowners are transforming these units into relaxing clubhouses to enjoy with their kids. First, you’re going to want to choose a theme to stick to when you decorate the vicinity. Then, you’re going to want to address the shed’s exterior. Many sheds sport peeling paint and other unattractive features. Remove any visible rust with wire wheels, transforming your old shed into a clubhouse and then give the surface a fresh coat of paint.

Key Takeaways:

  • A clubhouse should have a theme, such as being a place for tea parties or for card games.
  • It’s necessary to update the outside of the shed by weather shielding the paint and inspecting for leaks.
  • Before decorating the inside, give it a good cleaning with a pressure washer, then paint the walls.

“Turning your unused shed into a clubhouse is a great way to create a fun place for yourself or your children to relax.”

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