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With a bit of work and creativity, a garden shed can easily be turned into a usable space for you and your family. While the space could be used simply for storage, it could also be used as a place for reading, gaming, or even an office. Before painting or decorating, it is important to repair any structural issues -walls, ceilings, or windows and transform shed into a garden room. Decide whether or not you want electricity and hire a reliable person to install it.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you desire additional living space, consider converting your old garden shed into a game room or office.
  • First, do the maintenance type of work such as repairing the leaky roof and replacing broken windows.
  • Wire your outbuilding by a licensed electrician so that you can have Wifi, a television, and ample lighting.

“Re-tile, replace broken windows (perhaps with UPVC) and rotten wood, and even consider laying a new floor if it’s no longer fit for purpose. Vinyl and laminate flooring with underlay are great for protecting against damp.”

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