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A high-quality shed can be an attractive feature in any backyard. With that said, many homeowners don’t want their shed to be a standout feature in the yard. If you have a cheaper shed, it is probably just there for utility purposes and you don’t want it to be that noticeable. If your shed is old and beat up, you don’t want it to be the first thing people notice when they enter the yard. Even if you do have a nice shed, you might want it to blend in so it is less noticeable to people outside the yard.

Regardless of why you want to make your shed to blend in, there are several strategies that can help make this backyard structure less noticeable. In this post, we are going to provide you with a few tips that can be used to make a shed blend in with your yard.


Finding the right location is one of the most important things to consider when placing a shed in your yard. First and foremost, you want to pick a location that will provide a solid base for the shed. Beyond finding a spot that offers a solid foundation for your shed, you should also look to place the structure in a spot that is less noticeable.

If your shed is right in the center of your yard, it is going to be hard to make it blend in. In fact, it is going to look like it is supposed to be the focal point of the yard. To make your shed blend in, you should look for an area that is slightly out of the way. Choosing a back corner can be the ideal location if you are trying to hide your shed.

Trees & Shrubs

Various plantings can be great for camouflaging your shed. If your shed is already in a corner, all you have to do is plant a few trees or shrubs along one side of the shed to make it less noticeable. You just want to try to select trees or shrubs that will grow tall enough to conceal the shed once they are fully mature. If you are looking for year-round cover, you should also consider some type of evergreen.

Hang Lattice

Adding some living camouflage can be another great way to use plants to make your shed in with the backyard. You could hang some lattice on the exposed side of the shed or build a trellis to cover the sides facing the house. Once you have the lattice or trellis in place, you could then train some climbing plants to go up the side of the shed. This will not only help to disguise the shed, but it can also make the structure a more attractive part of your backyard landscaping.

Change the Color

With the wrong color, your shed will be really noticeable in your backyard. However, a simple coat of paint could help your shed blend in and make it look more attractive when people do notice it. One option is to simply pick colors that match your house. With this option, it won’t blend in with the scenery, but it won’t look so out of place in your backyard.

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