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After years of accumulating so much stuff, it can seem like there is never enough space for everything. Adding a shed can be a good way to increase storage space, but you want to try to keep things organized and neat.

By keeping your shed neat and organized, you can maximize its storage capabilities to avoid running into storage problems in the future. If your shed is poorly organized or you are building a new shed, the following shed organizing tips can help you get the most from this structure.

Add Shelves
Adding some shelves can be a great way to increase the useable storage space in a shed. Building your own wooden shelves can be a good way to customize your storage solution, but you also have options for shelves that are premade. You could also consider the benefits of mounting shelves on the wall or buying shelving units that rest on the floor.

Totes and Bins
You have various totes, bins and storage containers that can be great for organizing your shed. You have different options for materials and sizes depending on your needs, and they can be great for storing things that you may not use as much. If you really want to get the most from storage containers in your shed, you should look for ones with a stackable design.

Wall Racks
For most of us, our backyard shed is for storing things like lawn mowers and garden tools. If you want to keep things like rakes and shovels neat, you should consider building a wall rack for these long-handled tools. All you need is some scrap wood and a little bit of knowhow to build a storage rack that will keep these tools neat and off the floor. You could even build a nice tool rack by repurposing an old wooden pallet.

Wall Organizers
Using wall space is one of the keys to maximizing the storage potential of a shed. While racks and shelves are one way to do this, you could also consider a number of different wall organizers as a way to hang different items on the wall. Pegboard is always a good option for organizing tools, but you can find other wall organizers that will work well in your shed.

Hooks and Pegs
Various hooks and pegs can be good for hanging a range of items in your shed. Just designate some wall space for the hardware, and you will have a spot that can be good for hanging small gardening tools. You could also consider putting pegs and hooks on the inside of the door for storing some of the items you use the most.

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