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Need help mixing and matching stone from sheds to studios and siding for your home? This process can be simplified in four basic stages. First of all, choose the size of profile stone that you want. Ask yourself what traits and colors you want for your stone. When selecting the color of your siding, pick one that flatters or blends well with your chosen stone. Finally, do not forget to select a supporting shade for your home’s accents and trims.

Key Takeaways:

  • When choosing to re-due your exterior, there really is no hard and set rules to follow. You can choose a variety of textures i.e. stone, siding, trim and accents.
  • You can pick your stone to begin your design and then add to it. There are a variety of choices and many professionals to help you make the decision if need be.
  • You can mix and match your textures between stone and siding in any fashion that is done with taste and blends together.

“Truth be told, there really is no set-in-stone (so to speak) method to mixing and matching stone and siding”

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