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Three Storage Shed Organization tipsThere are three storage shed organization tips to keep in mind. The first tip is to utilize the often neglected but usable vertical space, which can be done by using shelving and attaching hooks to the walls. The second tip is to partition the stored items according to their particular uses. The third tip is to consider accessibility, as items and tools that are used more frequently should be easier to access, while the items used less frequently can be stowed away to maximize space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Installing shelves in your shed is quite simple — install some reinforcements/supporting elements, and then add boards.
  • Try to organize items in clusters according to what they’re used for, with car cleaning and maintenance items together in one place and yard items in another.
  • You should also arrange items with an eye towards frequency of use.

“Many plastic sheds have holes spaced here and there on the structure—use them for pegboard-style hooks, S-hooks and the like. You can use these hooks for anything hangable such as gloves, hats, buckets and hand garden tools.”

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