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A grandmother only had a house with two bedrooms when her daughter and her five grandchildren lost their house and wanted to move in with her. So the grandmother convert shed into a tiny home just for her and let her daughter and her children have the house. They did all the work themselves so it was not very expensive. The tiny house the back yard has a living room and a kitchen and dining area on the first floor. There is a loft above for her bedroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • After her daughter and grandchildren lost their home, a grandmother decided to let them move into her own home — while she would convert her shed and move into it.
  • The grandma installed cabinets by herself, and also included a kitchen and dining area.
  • A ladder leads into the loft, which the grandmother converted into a sleeping area.

“This crafty grandma turned her 8×10 storage shed into a tiny home right in her own backyard.”

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