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She Sheds are trending. In a survey of 600 women, 23% of women think a large TV is necessary to have while 17% of women think a chandelier. 34% want a mini fridge while 18% want a vanity. 19% want a desk and for more decorative touches, 20% want houseplants. Men have been utilizing the “man cave” for years with 65% of men owning one. The numbers have risen for women who come in at 59% for owning a she shed design. Men and women alike don’t want to share their space with their significant other.

She Shed Design Ideas

Key Takeaways:

  • One new trend that is coming out is the she shed and it is said to be a modern counterpart to the man cave.
  • When one enters a man cave he sees cigars and video games but the she shed is populated with things that are designed for women.
  • When a survey was taken of what women would want in a she shed compared to a man cave, it was discovered that women are not different from men.

“The same percentage of men said that multiple TV’s would be a crucial man cave feature during our man cave study. Function was prioritized over decor for most women.” Here are the best She Shed Design Ideas and Trends.

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