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Just as with wearable fashion, fashion trends abound in what gardens wear from season to season. Dressing your home’s exterior with the latest trends in hottest landscaping ideas can be as eye-popping as adhering to the latest runway models on the New York and Paris runways. One important trend; structure color. Paint your fence posts in robin’s egg blue, for example, to give the entire yard a face lift. Create a fun color story between the ground cover and its surround. Be both eco-friendly and trendy by going for ground cover of a different sort, one requiring less mowing. Prairie grasses, for example. Homeowners are scaling down, smaller homes and smaller yards. Low maintenance and less space is key. Miniature shrubbery is an answer. Hark back to Grandma’s day and go for homey touches: bird feeders, benches, pagodas, swings. Create a canine-friendly place in your home’s surround space. A great big sandbox can make your dog every bit as happy as it would a toddler. Another great trending concept; create a delicious edible hanging garden that is both environmentally safe and safe from your pup.

Key Takeaways:

  • This blog piece is intended to help gardeners who want to make sure that their gardens and landscaping stand out this summer.
  • The fence color blind is recommended by the author because as he says it is the easiest and most affordable way to do a landscape upgrade.
  • The traditional landscaping fence used to be white picket fence but now it has been replaced by the European inspired green or gray fence.

“These trending hottest landscaping ideas will turn your outdoor space into a head-turning piece of paradise, whether you are a gardener novice or a landscaping expert.”

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