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Shrubs give your landscaping a nice, expensive look. There are the Best Shrubs for your Yard. Hydrangeas are a great option for most people with the snowflake oakleaf hydrangea being at the top of the list. These shrubs are color changing from white to pink to red in the fall. It also prefers hotter climates. Ogon Spirea is another good option. This shrub is five feet tall and can be clipped for a more formal appearance. The purple smoke bush adds a pop of color to your landscape. These are great for borders. Whatever the need, these shrubs are great for any project.

Key Takeaways: To find the Best Shrubs for Your Yard

  • The author states that he loves hydrangeas of any form and color but the one he prefers are oak leaf hydrangeas.
  • The leaves of oak leaf hydrangeas are very large and they look great on their own and even when they are combined with other plants.
  • The blooms of the hydrangeas are double and are hole in hole which shows that as the old ones go out in winter, the new ones come in.

“Of course, you don’t have to use all of these shrubs, but any one of them will earn its keep with good foliage, interesting form, and low maintenance garden designs.”

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