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There are many way to incorporate surprising planter box ideas in your backyard. Look at using recycled materials for a well-loved, cozy look. Hanging pouches on walls in tight spaces is popular and can even be used indoors. Use LED candle lighting to light up your greenery. Vary container sizes and depths with creative materials, such as metallic buckets and wooden crates. Wire baskets decorated with burlap lining inside them make another good option.

Key Takeaways:

  • DIY Plant-lovers can create an attractive plant wall by filling recycled plastic containers with dirt and greenery, then hanging thevresukts on a rustic, wood trellis, or other interesting wall.
  • Make a different sort of table setting by placing Irish moss on metal trays, amidst candles.
  • Steel buckets make a great planter alternative. Use them for growing herbs in the kitchen and always have fresh spices handy.

“There’s something appealing about materials that have already been well loved, says Leslie McKenna, who designed the retreat with her Dad, Eric” Here are the best surprising planter box ideas for your backyard. Just read a blog.

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