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If you use your shed to store valuable things then you should consider what type of shed lock you are using. Many people use padlocks however the problem with this is that when one is looking to break in, they can easily cut through a padlock with bolt cutters. You can choose a cylinder padlock instead to prevent bolt cutter break ins. The same situation occurs using a key lock along with the same replacement as the padlock. The deadbolt provides the best security but can be very costly. Finally some people simply choose to use security cameras which are very effective with their high pitched alarm to deter an intruder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Padlocks are a great option, and they are compatible with many sheds, but they can be cut by bolt cutters.
  • Keys are a common option and using a cylinder key lock offers more security.
  • Using a security system specifically made for a shed can offer great security, and there are some that offer infrared motion detection.

“Home / Exterior Home Improvement / Sunrooms & Outdoor Storage / Sheds & Outdoor Storage Shed Locks & How To Keep Your Shed Safe By Doityourself Staff If you keep items of value in your shed, even items of personal value, then use of one of the many shed locks available on the market can help prevent unauthorized access or theft.”

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