Arrange your storage area much better or attempt a Do It Yourself project? Our blog has everything you need to get the most out of your space as well as life.

Going from a large house to a small house in the middle of nowhere might seem crazy but it can give you a better quality of life. There are areas of land that you can buy to do whatever you want with and just have nature and the outdoors right outside of your front door. You can turn a storage shed into a home or shed house conversion for Homesteading in Kentucky by using some wood, drywall, a little help from friends, and some work to get it done.

Key Takeaways:

  • The shed house has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and the floor plan is open.
  • The building didn’t take much time and began in June 2012 and the shed was ready to be moved into by September 2012.
  • The shed house is small enough that the cleaning only takes around 45 minutes.

“Although very content with life, we now have new goals we are working towards in order to continue to develop our Homesteading in Kentucky —goals that might include chickens, pigs, and a milk cow someday!”

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