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buy a new garden storage shedModern women are escaping the stress of daily life and heading for the backyard, into “she sheds”. Create a backyard escape without ever leaving home. A she shed is a converted shed that serves as the feminine answer to man caves. When considering a she shed, first think about what its purpose will be. Will it be a place for creative expression or work? Then, decide if you want to convert an existing space or build a new one. Finally, repurpose the shed with a design aesthetic that suits your personal tastes.

Key Takeaways:

  • She sheds are emerging as the female alternative to man caves.
  • Before building a she shed, consider what the function of it will be. Relaxation or creativity?
  • Think about whether you want to convert an old shed or start fresh with a new shed.

“But the concept of having one’s own space, a place for solitude and a place to create, unwind, relax, and do pretty much whatever the hell you want, really shouldn’t just be the purview of men.”

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