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The “she shed” is the next man cave, and can be a great place for a reading nook, a crafting corner, or more. If you’re planning your she shed, take inspiration from these design ideas! You can go more vintage with a 50’s-themed look, fill all the corners with plants for a more relaxing and natural atmosphere, or decorate your ceiling to make the most of your space. Consider these design ideas when you’re planning your new space.

Key Takeaways:

  • A great way to add value to your shed is to make it look more vintage. You can buy some antique items or just decorate your shed with vintage colors.
  • Using curtains behind a door is a great way to add a much more beautiful feel to your space.
  • Plants are always a nice decorating item and they are fairly cheap and easy to maintain.

“If you’re adding finishing touches to your shed but still feel as though something is missing, it might be time to play around with a bold color.”

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