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Saving patio space can be quite difficult at times. Some ways to save space including installing storage areas, secret compartments, or way to organize. A murphy bar for the outside is a great way to store glasses. Outdoor storage benches help to provide and hide storage. These benches also help provide extra seating. Storage for yard tools is ideal. Recycling a flower pot to hold garden hoses or even storage locker to hold tools. Get the best Patio Storage Ideas to save deck space.

Key Takeaways:

  • One clever hacker and patio-storage solution solver used an old door, a pallet and some chains to create a good-looking Murphy Bar.
  • Close the bar and turn it over and it can even double as a food-prep table.
  • Try repurposing an old shed, or a large wooden barrel, to devise a new way to stow gardening and barbecue utilities from view when not in use.

“Short of space on your deck? Check out these fabulous space-saving patio storage solutions.”

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