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Rock Garden IdeasA rock garden is a beautiful way to landscape a naturally rocky yard or area. Instead of removing rocks from the area, they can be used to create natural, peaceful spaces. Different sizes and shapes of rocks can be mixed to make paths and also as decorations. Plants can be added for color. A rock garden can surround or be incorporated into a water feature such as a pool, stream, or fountain. Rock gardens can be used in landscaping in any climate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use wood in your rock garden to create rustic steps, or as an aesthetic focal point.
  • Take advantage of foliage, flowers and water features to create a soothing and natural palette of colors.
  • The best rock gardens start with mother nature and are merely augmented and supported by some man-made efforts.

“A rock garden can exist in lovely harmony with water garden ideas, or in miniature as a detailed traditional alpine garden.”

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