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Determining the type of shed material can be difficult, as there are pros and cons to plastic, wood, and metal sheds, as well as budgetary and location restrictions. For plastic sheds, they are easy to move and bug resistant, but are not very weather resistant and the color may fade. Wood sheds are great because they have great weather resistance and size options, but may rot and become a home for termites. For metal sheds, they are low cost and durable, but can rust and have limited size options. Overall, it’s up to the buyer to decided which traits they like best in order to make a final purchasing decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • When choosing a shed, you have to decide which material, wood, metal, or plastic, best meets your needs.
  • Should you choose a wood shed, you can paint it any color you would like and can change the color at anytime.
  • Vinyl sheds tend to be fire resistant but other plastic sheds probably are not.

“The walls and roof are mostly made with wood sheathing or plywood. Depending on what model you purchase, it might come with a siding made from either wood or vinyl. If there is no siding, then you will want to seal the exterior with paint.”

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