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planter ideasAutumn is quickly approaching in most parts of the world, and for those with space to fill in with plants, it is time to think about what will welcome fall and survive the winter. In their new blog post, Kathy and Steve highlight specific types of plants that come in their own planter container but will make your home look beautiful. From filling the planter with just foliage to adding a few pumpkins or gourds to the side, these two have several planter ideas that will make your space feel extra cozy.

Key Takeaways:

  • A fall garden is often a mixture of lassitude, due to summer’s eminent demise, yet also vibrant with the colors of the season.
  • A foliage plant, like lambs ear, or hardy herbs, are good choices for fall season planters.
  • Other great, seasonal choices for autumn planters include, lamium, dusty miller and ornamental kale.

“Foliage will also carry farther into the colder weather, extending your containers’ season.”

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