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The special spots that men have are their man caves and now women are getting their own which are she sheds. The idea of she shed has been gaining steam across Pinterest as many women are advised to make use of the warm weather to create a shed for themselves where they can escape to when it is hot and also find a place of comfort. The author says that the escape for many women is making a lot of sense and they are utilizing it for good purpose. Sandra Foster is an example of a woman who created her own she shed close to a mountain. She has placed books, a sofa, and even a bed in the she shed which she uses as an escape from the pressure of work and the stresses of daily life. She also uses it as a way to get some little space from her husband for the few occasions when he needs to be by himself. Foster told a magazine that she did it in order to save her marriage and serve as a way to recharge her life. That is why the author has seen it fit to help many persons who are considering creating their own she shed with the tips that are outlined in this blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Men have been known for centuries to have their special spots which are the man caves and now women are getting their own which are she sheds.
  • Pinterest has been aglow with the idea that women have been promoting that they transform the backyard into a she shed of their own.
  • Sandra Foster has created a she shed of her own near a mountain and she uses the space to escape from the stress of daily life.

“Smith suggests painting the entire space — whether it’s a shed or any other derelict outbuilding — a bright white shade, floors included.”

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