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More and more people are discovering the joy of bar sheds. Once you’ve set up a shed and assembled the basic necessary bar supplies, you should give your bar shed a creative name, just like a real bar. Themes (such as a saloon, high end cocktail bar or Irish pub) can give your bar a personality and help you choose decorations. A saloon theme, for example, can feature old-fashioned Western furnishings, cowboy movie memorabilia and even wanted posters, while a chalet theme can feature antlers, wooden beams and dim lighting.

Key Takeaways:

    • The newest trend in sheds is the backyard bar shed. It is now replacing traditional sheds like she shed and man caves.
    • The bar shed makes one to explore his creativity. That is one of the best thing about bar sheds.
    • Some of the essentials needed to construct a bar shed in your garden are a shed, bar stools, lighting, and most importantly booze.

“If you grew up watching John Wayne films and love all things Western, this cowboy hang-out is definitely a right fit for you. Take inspiration from this authentic Saloon. Cover the walls with dollar bills, Western film posters and convincing reward posters.”

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