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buy a new garden storage shedShe sheds are growing in popularity in recent years because they are an escape for woman who are stressed out at work and at home. There have been several studies conducted that show  all about the ‘she shed‘ that woman are using as an escape to be creative or just to entertain friends. It’s a room of their own that they can do whatever they want in without interruption. It’s almost like a mini vacation for them because it’s a room separate from the rest of the house.

Key Takeaways:

  • She sheds are springing up across the country as a place where women can be themselves.
  • A she shed is a converted shed designed for a woman to have a space that’s all her own.
  • Home improvement chain stores are now offering DIY she shed kits and crews that can build custom sheds.

“As women report feeling worn out at home and stressed out at work, they’re turning to new ways to escape — in their own backyards.”

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