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12x16 workshop vinylA shed that one has in their backyard or garden can have a variety of looks and purposes, but should be constructed and decorated according to the intended use. The sturdiness of the structure and shape of the building can determine what activities can take place inside and whether your shed fit for purpose will stand up to heavy or light use. The material of the shed can play an important role in the sturdiness but also the comfort for the users. Metals and untreated wood will seem rustic but do not breathe as well as more finished materials. Insulation and conventional go a long way to make a space habitable. It is important to check that the walls are sturdy, the hardware is galvanized, the cladding is resilient, and the roof is adequate before purchasing a unit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sheds can be a storage building, or can be re-purposed to be more comfortable and lived in.
  • Insulation will add temperature control, and make the shed a much more pleasant habitat.
  • Wood and metal can add to the rustic feeling of the shed, increasing its aesthetic.

“The apex roof gives maximum headroom, but the modest ‘pent’ with one gentle slope has a pleasing traditional guise for an unpretentious working garden shed.”

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