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Wooden Outdoor Storage Sheds need proper care over time or else the wooden frame begins to deteriorate and rot. Once the outer layer is damaged, water seeps into the shed, destroying whatever is inside. To properly care for a shed, you should clean and inspect the shed, and fill in any weak spots with epoxy. For the door, it’s good to check if the weather stripping is still intact and for the rood, you should immediately patch any holes or replace the insulation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outdoor sheds, although sturdy, need to be taken care of often or else the wooden structure will rot.
  • Not only should the shed’s wood be cleaned, but also it should be inspected for any imperfections like cracks or splinters.
  • If the roof of the shed is leaking, it may be best to replace the roof insulation with wood adhesive.

“If you don’t have any rain protector over your door, it is advisable to fix one. All you need is a piece of inclined wood nailed on the top part of the door.”

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