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she shedsIf you want to turn your shed into a home gym, you should first make sure you don’t need any approval from authorities because of your local building code. Next, clean out your shed and call an electrician because you will need lighting in the gym and outlets for equipment such as treadmills. You should also get the shed insulated as most garden sheds do not have insulation. Finally, install some flooring and paint the walls to give the gym a better look.

Key Takeaways:

  • A garden shed is often used for tools, machines, and gardening items, but can also serve as an excellent home gym.
  • Adding insulation, flooring, and lighting can provide a more comfortable experience in the shed as a gym.
  • Home gyms do not need much furniture, and benefit from the open space for workout machines.

“Practically, you will store everything you do not need in this garden shed, from old clothes and toys to books and old electronics.”

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