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Some small changes to your garden shed can result in a magical play space for your child. Prior to making any changes, first ensure that your shed is structurally sound for safety purposes. Once this is determined, adding a fresh coat of paint and twinkle lights if there is a power source are fast and inexpensive ways to customize the space. Creating an interesting layout is another way to transform your garden shed into a playhouse. For example, adding a loft area for a bed, a kitchen area and a seating area are ideal ways to make your child feel like they have their own space. Once the layout is determined, adding small kitchen appliances, play food and comfortable seating will bring everything together.

Key Takeaways:

  • First, the structure should be checked to be sure it is usable and safe.
  • The layout should be planned to maximize space, even putting in a loft with a ladder if possible.
  • A kitchen and comfortable seating area are essential to making a playhouse feel like home.

“Here we run through some steps on how to create a Playhouse out of a garden shed, to wow your children and give them a place to play for hours on end.”

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