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The specific process that goes along with winterizing your shed depends on how you use it all year round. The initial step before you do anything should be to tidy up both the interior and exterior of the shed to make things easier. Be sure the walls are free from any debris, and then inspect the surfaces for any holes that need to be patched up. If you plan to use the space for activities in the winter, then prepare your shed for winter and find ways to insulate and weatherstrip it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before winter hits, empty your shed of everything and give it a good cleaning of debris.
  • Next, go through all of your tools and equipment, deciding what you still use and what you can give away.
  • Finally, repair any leaks or cracks in the roof, walls, and foundation, so you prevent water damage.

“If you wish to use your shed in the winter, consider insulating the walls and doors.”

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