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Is your shed a disorganized mess? Do you have a hard time finding what you need when you go to your shed? Do you want to know How to organizing your backyard shed? Is it common to have to dig for items or move other items out of the way to get to what you need?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, it is time to work on organizing your backyard shed. By taking a day to get things back in order, you will make your backyard shed more efficient for storing the items you need and you will also make your life easier when it comes time to find things in the shed.

In this post, we are going to provide you with a basic plan for organizing your backyard shed.

Define its Purpose

A lack of purpose can be a real problem for a shed. When it is just a storage space for random items, it can easily end up being a space where all sorts of things go to never be used again. Before long, the shed will be cluttered and overfull, and you won’t even know what is in there.

When the shed has a purpose, it will be easier to figure out which items belong in the shed. Is the shed for gardening supplies and lawn equipment? Is it a tool shed? Are you using the space to store seasonal items? Depending on the size of the shed and what you need to store, a shed can have more than one purpose, but you do not want to leave it as a space that is open for storing anything that needs a place to go.

Clean it Out

Once you know the purpose of the shed, you want to clean the structure out. Set up an area where you can move all of the items in the shed and take everything out until the entire structure is empty. As you are taking things out, set up different areas for items that go together. This way, it will be easier to organize items as you move them back into the shed.


With everything moved out of the shed and organized by its purpose, it is time to start sorting. Go through each category and decide whether they are items that belong in the shed. You should also sort through all of the items to see if all of the items are even worth storing.

You will need to find a place for all of the things that do not belong in the shed. Along with that, you will also need to make a plan for the items you don’t plan to keep. Maybe you could sell or give some of the stuff away. You might also find items that need to be thrown out or recycled.

Map it Out

At this point, you should have an empty shed and a few categories of items all sorted out. However, you don’t want to start loading things into the shed without a system for where things will go. Look at the shed and designate different areas for different types of items. 

As you are setting up different areas for different types of stuff, try to think about the purpose of the items and how often they are used. You want to make sure it is easy to access items that are important or frequently used. Furthermore, you might want to consider adding storage solutions like shelves and racks to different areas to maximize your space and improve organization.

Once you have the different areas set up, you can start moving the items back into the shed. Remember, you want to keep the shed organized moving forward. As you take things in and out, always put them back in their place. When you need to move new items in, try to fit them in with the organization system you have established.

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