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This summer we took advantage of a space created by a former home owner as an attached storage shed, and made it into a wonderful retreat for the family. Working with Walmart and All Pro Renovations we determined what could be done with the space, and how to bring it up to code. In the end we painted the room and the door with vibrant colors, added an outdoor rug, bookshelves, great accent pieces, a fold up bar, and a funky daybed that can be used as a great place to read, or the room can act as a spare bedroom for guests. The most expensive part of the renovation was the air conditioning and heating system by New Air which heats, cools, and dehumidifies and can be run on a timer. Well worth its $471 price tag. We are very pleased with our overall results, and look forward to many years of enjoyment. With the help of Walmart and All Pro Renovations we’ve turned an eyesore into a sight for sore eyes.

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, the author shares information on how she transformed an outdoor shed into a bonus room last summer.
  • The shed to bonus room transformation was one of her proudest moments in life because the shed used to house all sorts of chaos and clutter.
  • Before the transformation, she confesses that she was ashamed of the shed because it was filled with a lot of junk that expressed her life.

“I partnered with Walmart on this project to showcase a unique idea for outdoor living. Since they partnered with me, I did my best to utilize items from their store while weaving in handmade items from some of my favorite Etsy sellers.”

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