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Even though garden writers may refer to our outdoor space as a small garden ideas, if it seats people and can improve your view from inside, it is actually perfect sized. To improve your garden, design with the view from inside in the front of your mind. You will spend a lot of time admiring your garden from inside, so use this viewpoint in its design. Use the rule of three to govern flooring materials and colors in the space.

Key Takeaways:

  • The vista to prioritize in giving your garden a wow factor is to work on the view from inside the house first.
  • When in doubt, one has to stick to straight lines in the patio and lawn because they are easier to get right.
  • The rule of three applies to most things in the garden, so make it your aim to keep it simple all through.

“If it’s big enough to sit out, big enough for a few plants, big enough to make a lovely view from inside the house, then the garden isn’t small it’s just right.”  Here are the best small garden ideas for your Outdoor Space.

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