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There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect spot for your shed. When choosing the best spot, first consider that you may want to avoid placing it against property boundaries. This can annoy neighbors and, in some instances, be illegal. Next, make sure your shed is positioned so that it’s not completely exposed to the elements. Placing it near a tree could provide some shelter, but beware of overhanging trees which can damage a shed. Be sure to find the perfect spot for your shed and place shed on a level surface and be mindful of how much sun it’s getting, as you don’t want the interior to become too hot. For your convenience, make sure your shed is in an accessible area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Avoid putting your shed too close to your yard boundaries as it could cause conflict with neighbors.
  • Keep your shed somewhere that it’s at least partially sheltered from the elements.
  • Make sure that the shed stands on stable, even ground. Avoid areas that are bumpy or rocky.

“Gardeners should be careful to avoid a potential shed site that has a lot of surrounding shrubbery as this could prove problematic. Overhanging trees and hedges could bring with them a host of environmental issues to contend with, so it’s always much safer to think of another location.”

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