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Did your new home come with a dilapidated shed? Maybe you built one and have absolutely no idea on what to do next. Why not convert a storage shed into a guest house?! While it may not turn out to be the next tiny house, this article will help you list out the basics needed such as electrical wiring, city building permits and codes, insulation, water supply and finishing touches ideas to make that dirty unused space into a wonderful cozy extra getaway.

Key Takeaways:

  • Converting storage sheds can be considered a good choice when one needs space to store his relatives, grown children, or guests.
  • One good thing about some storage sheds is that they are as large as an apartment, making them ideal for incorporating small bathrooms or kitchenettes.
  • You may need permits before doing any storage shed conversion. Check with the local building department in your locality first before making any plans.

“The shed may also need a window air conditioner for the summer and a space heater for the winter. Run any plumbing pipes before beginning insulation. Install insulation in the walls and ceiling; many sheds have open framing, making this part of the job easier.”

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