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Vinyl sheds have many advantages, as they are typically durable and weather-resistant. Although, over time, vinyl shed can become dirty, which can be detrimental. That’s why it’s best to clean your vinyl shed regularly with a garden hose, soft brush, and mild detergents. For stains like mildew, it may be best to treat the stain with a vinegar solution and scrub it with a sponge. Always wear protective gear though, like plastic gloves, as the cleaning chemicals may not be safe for your skin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over time, vinyl sheds tend to develop stains and other issues, so it’s best to regularly clean them.
  • Vinyl surfaces should be cleaned with a basic garden hose, soft brush, and mild cleaning detergents.
  • If mildew is growing on the shed, it should be treated with vinegar and scrubbed with a sponge.

“Vinyl sheets are better insulated against harsh weather conditions, are inherently impermeable to water, and don’t expand/contract easily when subjected to extreme heat or cold.”

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