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Shed insulation can bring you joy or a gigantic heating and cooling bill. When it comes to installing shed insulation, apparently it does matter. Studies have shown that the old time glass fiber insulation did not come even close to the foam board insulation. Now if you are looking for a combination of weather proofing and sound proofing then you may want to use both types of installing shed insulation for maximum benefit. Also consider the summer heat if you have windows. This would require specific sun shielding blinds to reduce the added burden on the cooling. Overall the best course of action is to keep detailed records on what you do and the results of those actions.

Key Takeaways:

  • One meticulous shed insulator chose an insulation brand called Celotex over glass fiber, in part because the resulting ,045. W/m/K beats the .002 rating of glass fiber.
  • To install the Celotex required the removal of pine cladding, a super tedious process as it was nearly impossible to avoid breaking.
  • Each piece of Celotex was meticulously cut by hand. Foam was hand-notched to house wiring and channels.

“The lower value of the foam board means that it is over twice as good at retaining heat for the same thickness.”

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