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If you’re going to convert your shed into a chicken coop, the most important decision to make is where to place your shed. Be sure to pick a spot where the chicken flock won’t outgrow. After the shed is moved to the perfect spot, the next step is to set up the interior of the shed. The chickens will need space so they won’t feel crowded to prevent hen-pecking. Add the chicken nest boxes and roosts inside the shed. Hang the water and feeders from the roof to keep the feeders clean. Make an outside run to keep the chickens safe from predators. Enjoy your chickens!

Key Takeaways:

  • Carefully pick a spot for the chicken coop, keeping in mind that chickens can destroy a newly planted garden or flower bed.
  • Installing a door to the outside run lets you close things off at night to protect your flock from predators.
  • Inside the coop, put in nesting boxes first, place roosts off the ground, and hang the waterer and feeder.

“It is important when choosing what to house your chickens in that you pick a place that you will not outgrow too quickly.”

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