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It was inevitable, as every barnacle-encrusted design tradition gets up-ended, that staples like the “men’s study, “male den,” would get feminine makeovers. Even that male bastion of the rugged (suburban rugged) outdoors, the tool shed has been revamped, with a wink and a dash of flower power, to re-emerge as the new “she shed.” Get the Garden Shed Plans for She Sheds.  Ladies busting with desire to create their own she shed should understand that just as with any undertaking their are some rules to look to before laying the groundwork. Depending on where you live, their may be a town entity that has say so over the size, color, or other specifics of buildings put up on your property, including your she shed. You should pick a level area for your shed. Look online, or to your most trusted home project store for specifics. However, you will need mason blocks and concrete slab to get started. Basically, to create your shed you will require windows and doors, a roof and walls, painting and trims. Look to your local construction store for a garden shed kit, which should have step-by-step specifics. Since your she shed is likely to be regarded as a personal retreat, rather than a place to hang your garden shears, you can go beyond the basics and create a cozy garden de-stressing zone. Consider skylights, a lattice skirt, window boxes, shutters, perhaps a fountain or French doors. Within the limited space, add some pretty accessories to give it even more of a character.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many men take the garage or tool shed as their place of recluse but the author wonders why it has to be only for men.
  • Hot on the list of trends for women today is the idea of creating a she shed for themselves from the tool shed.
  • Before creating a she shed one has to check for the building code of the area because they might have requirements for it.

“For some, it’s a pool, patio/deck area, for others it’s entertaining in the backyard cooking on the BBQ.” Here are the various Garden Shed Plans for She Shed.

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