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Garden design is not just a matter of choosing the prettiest flowers, but a complex art that incorporates the use of pavers, lighting and other design elements to create an inviting space. In recognition of the complexity of the art of garden design, the Society of Garden Designers has launched the SGD Awards as a way to recognize the most sophisticated use of spatial awareness and design and elements in garden design. The grand award went to Dan Pearson’s Tokachi Millenium Forest, while Patricia Fox took home the prize for best small garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons would be wont to lay their woes at gardening and gardening design the moment they meet a garden designer at a function.
  • Garden design is usually related to gardening by many people but this is a misconception. Garden design is about design not about gardening.
  • Although plants play a prominent role in garden design which involves three-dimensional space, so does paving, lighting, and the design of drainage systems.

“How welcome then, that the Society of Garden Designers has launched the SGD Awards, its inaugural awards scheme to reward fine design and increase understanding of the contribution a professional garden designer can make to both public and private spaces.” Here are the best garden design ideas for your outdoor space.

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