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One thing that gardeners desire is to see blooms throughout the day during the growing season. But the reality is that blooming is not all day but few days along with spread out green leaves added in. This is because many gardeners rather than following a gardening plan from professionals they want to plant only what interests them most. That is why Garden Making magazine has started generating ideas for all season blooms for gardeners. The author has taken a cue from the magazine and will list the plants that will bloom all season in this blog.

Garden Design Ideas for all Season Bloom

She first starts with the length of bloom for perennial plants. The author’s garden produced spring bulbs in an impressive array along with shrubs that were early flowering like forsythia and lilac. Then these were followed by flushes of bloom that came from her peonies and roses. During the midsummer season she would see a few hydrangeas and daylilies but green gaps made the garden awful for several weeks causing a long slide into the sight she doesn’t want. Generally, there were impressive floral displays once in a while for some weeks but for the majority of the weeks there were nothing at all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gardeners want several things from their gardens but what makes them happy and fulfilled is to see beautiful blossoms during the growing season.
  • Many gardeners do not want to follow a design plan that would involve their planting only blossoming flowers but want to plant what interests them most.
  • The author states that gardeners like her were helped by reading through magazines like Garden Making that provided the best Garden Design Ideas for all Season Blooms.

“Using a calendar to pinpoint the green weeks with no visible flowers, I filled in the gaps with plants scheduled to bloom in these empty periods.”

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