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There is a popular trend of adding various outdoor structures to accent or enhance the landscaping of a home. In most cases, these structures not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space, they also serve some practical function.

Garden Arbor Plan

While adding something like a gazebo or pergola can be nice, these larger structures might not be right for every home. As an alternative, some homeowners are choosing a garden arbors plan. These structures tend to be a little smaller, but they still have a lot of potential for enhancing your outdoor space.

What is a Garden Arbor?

A garden arbor is a small vertical structure that consists of two walls and some type of roof. They usually stand at around eight to ten feet tall. The sides and roof of a garden arbor are often left open, but it is common to add lattice to the sides for climbing plants.

Most garden arbors are made from wood or metal. Wrought iron is a good option for metal arbors and for woods, cedar is a popular choice. Depending on the weight of the structure, it may be necessary to anchor the structure to the ground. Heavy wind could topple some arbors and cause damage.

Designs and Features

The basic design of a garden arbor is the two sides with a roof, but you have a number of options. As I mentioned above, you can have open sides or put up lattice for climbing plants. The same is true with the top. Some just have open framed tops, while others will have a roof to provide some shelter.

Beyond an open or closed roof, you also have different options for the design of the top. Some garden arbors have flat roofs, but it is very common to build an arched roof for a garden arbor.

Garden arbors can also be freestanding or they can attach to a structure. One common use for garden arbors is to use them as the entry to a fenced area. You can even add a gate to the arbor if you want to control access to space.

Some garden arbors will have a built-in bench. This can be good if you want to use the garden arbor as a place to relax outside.

Why get a Garden Arbor?

There are several reasons why a person might buy or build a garden arbor. The aesthetic appeal is one of the more common reasons for the Garden Arbor Plan. They can be designed to blend with the landscaping or they can be a focal point. You also have a wide range of designs and styles that can fit in with different yards and appeal to the tastes of different people.

A garden arbor can also work to direct traffic in the yard. If you want to guide traffic toward a garden or to a sitting area, a garden arbor can be an attractive feature that will serve that purpose.

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