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Nowadays, there is big money when it comes to farms and the animals that are bred on these farms. This has been big business for a long time but it is continuing to rise even though technology is becoming more important in society. The bottom line is that farms, and animals, are still essential to society and this is seen throughout the United States. With there being a new facility for the Polk horse that is rescued, this idea is magnified. Get the best Farm Design Ideas to grow your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hope Equine Rescue has received a brand new home twice the size of its old facility as the result of an anonymous act of goodwill.
  • Hope Equine Rescue’s new abode enables it to assist far more horses at once than it could before, when severe space constraints often made it hard to take new horses.
  • Dani Horton, the founder of Hope Equine Rescue, received a phone call out of the blue from an anonymous woman planning to move out of the state who wanted Hope to have her farm.

““She sent me pictures, and I was like, ‘Oh, my!’” Horton recalled. “It is awesome, but I don’t think that’s within our budget. We’re a non-profit, and we just don’t have that kind of funding.”” Here are the farm design ideas that improve the value of your business.

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