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“She sheds” are growing in popularity among modern women. A new twist on the man cave, a she shed is a repurposed shed or small barn where women can go to have a place of their own separate spaces. In Spokane, Theresa Sullivan converted her shed into a place where she and her girlfriends can congregate with a bottle of wine, or when she’s flying solo, she can go to do crafts. Elsewhere, women are turning their she sheds into a place that suits their unique needs, whether that’s a space for quiet contemplation or a shed rigged with WiFi for work or video streaming.

Key Takeaways:

  • She sheds are the female version of man caves and are growing in popularity.
  • A typical she shed is a place where a woman can go to be surrounded by the things that spark creativity or instill peace.
  • Some she sheds are equipped with Wi-Fi so that women can access online content such as yoga videos.

““I was on Pinterest quite a bit and you’d see these she shed images pop up; I knew it would be a perfect fit,” said Sullivan, 55, “I love to go antiquing and do refurbishing of things. My husband has a shop in the house, and I wanted my own creative place.””

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