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If you are someone who has a outdoor playhouse, then you should know that there are always ways to enhancing your outdoor playhouse. If someone gives you a wild price to simply improve your playhouse, you should tell them to go and take a walk. If you have kids, an outdoor playhouse is really important and fun for them to use on a daily basis. Make the playhouse specialized for the people that are using it and you will never regret it.

Key Takeaways:

    • Even if your little girl has a playhouse, you can add fun, girly features, like window shutters and window boxes.
    • You can add some mini-gym appeal to any playhouse by incorporating a slide, some monkey bars, or a swing.
  • Other easy do it yourself enhancements can include adding indoor shelving, painting and staining and incorporating seating and benches.

“Manufactured playhouses, whether completely prefabricated or a kit that needs assembly, don’t allow for much enhancement once completed. However, many stores offer a wide variety of pre-designed playhouse plans, like a firehouse design for the boys or a Victorian style for girls. Some companies also allow offer various painted wall designs, floor plans and special features.”

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