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The typical low-water plants like cacti and succulents are always the popular ones that come to mind first. But with climate change and many areas experiencing droughts more frequently and more severely, it’s time to talk about drought resistant plant! Many people don’t realize that in order to establish your DRPs, you need to help build up their water reserves. That may mean several months of watering initially, but after that, you can enjoy the beautiful and vibrant greens and flowers for months on end with minimal water!

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons desire to reduce their water bill and also appear to be eco-friendly so they are planting that require little water.
  • When people think of these plants, they imagine the cactus but there are so many shrubs and plants that are drought-resistant.
  • These plants will survive even if the rainfall is not much but one has to ensure that the first months he waters them.

“Whether you have planted only plants that are drought resistant or some sections of your garden have plants that require regular watering, you need to follow the rule of occasional deep watering rather than frequent shallow watering.”

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