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“Love & Renovations” recently asked its readers what sort of patio they should install, and the winning option was a combination of pea gravel and DIY paver. The project took several weeks of hard work, to complete. The first step is to use stakes and strong to designate where you want your patio to be and what size you want. The next is to dig out the area of your patio. In most cases, this will include leaving room for your paver base.

Key Takeaways:

  • The patio was voted upon by the readers of the blog some weeks ago and he now announces with glee that the patio is done.
  • Since the day after the voting the author states that all he has been doing is eat, sleep, and dream about patios.
  • The persons who voted for the project have always wanted to see it being revealed and the author is so thrilled that the time has come.

“I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears over this project, and I’m simultaneously incredibly proud of it and also don’t ever want to make another patio again.” Here are the ideas how to use DIY Paver + Pea Gravel Patio.

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