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Adding some steps to your exterior landscaping can add some great value to your home while creating a more intricate design outside your home. Many homeowners make the mistake of using indoor stair measurements for outside measurements when they actually vary in size. It is vital to get the sizes right without becoming to extravagant in the design agtynd size, as your visitors need to be sure of their footing while walking over the steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Something that makes for an interesting and dynamic composition in the garden is the changing of levels that allow views to be blocked or opened up.
  • One of the most efficient ways that one can change levels in the garden is by using steps but many people mistakenly use indoor measurements for it.
  • When constructing a step one has to make a riser, or the vertical face of the step, and the tread, or the horizontal surface which one stands on.

“This needs an overhang on the tread paving of 40mm or so – the overhanging paving will also produce a shadow line in daylight, which again marks the step. Balustrades and handrails are not a legal obligation for garden steps, but may well help anyone unsure of their footing.” Here are the best ideas for exterior landscaping.

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