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Creating a colorful and vibrant garden can improve your mood and your home’s curb appeal. You can create a picturesque walking trail by mixing together golds, mauves and vivid greens to flank a gravel path. You don’t have to be fanatical about maintenance, either, since letting different bright, memorable colors overlap can improve rather than detract from your garden. Recycled materials can be used to create hardscape elements such as flowerbeds and trellises. Some rattan furniture can complement the rest of the garden by creating a comfortable place to sit outside with a cup of coffee.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zach uses recycled materials in her landscaping like metal plates for a flower bed.
  • A garden with a winding gravel path can look like an Impressionist painting with beautiful colors
  • A plain walkway can be converted into a special place for relaxing.

“Manda lets all the colors of her garden play together by going easy on maintenance and allowing foliage to overlap.” Here are the lastes colorful and vibrant garden designs for you.

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